Moonlighter Lab
For those ready to Venture Out

Engage with experts in building and scaling startups, fundraising, team building, and more. The lab will increase your chances of success by helping you validate your idea faster and connecting you to a like-minded community, and a variety of resources to support your growth.
  • Applications due April 19th
  • Lab starts May 4th

Have an Idea?

If you’re building something and want to expedite your time to market - you’re in the right place.
  • Receive support to develop good ideas faster
  • Gain actionable insights
  • Surround yourself with people who have been there
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Moonlighter Lab Alumni

Emily Cheng
Co-Founder & CEO at MedVenture
Venture Out was a great next step for our company, MedVenture App! Learned about a lot of great fundamentals about business and entrepreneurship as first time founders. The structure and curriculum were exactly what we needed. Would recommend this program to any other founders!
Raja Mawad
Founder & CEO at Thrive
Not going to lie, this is not what I thought it was going to be but you have done something amazing. I have quite a few other entrepreneurs in startups that could greatly benefit from this. I attended “industry known” experts startup bootcamp for 20 hours. Not only was it not on the same level as’s a different game. It didn’t even hold a flame to VO and was 3x the price.
Seattle, WA, USA
Joseph Gradante
Co-Founder & CEO at Allio
We went from idea to 1.1 million dollar SAFE pre-seed funded company because Venture Out both incentivized and coached us into an early stage fintech corporation.
Seattle, WA, USA

The Moonlighter’s Playbook

Learn what it takes to go from an idea to the next big thing. You will be be alongside some of the smartest and brightest individuals of all backgrounds. You will participate in 8 weekly sessions with your cohort and access top-notch speakers. Each week the cohort will have speakers lead a discussion and by the end of the Lab you will have a tight-knit community to support you in your path forward.
1. Idea Validation
  • - Validate if Your Idea is Worth Pursuing
  • - Focus on Your Customer Personas
2. Market Sizing
  • - Discuss your Top-Down and Bottoms-Up Analysis
  • - Build a Competitor Analysis
3. Go To Market
  • - Acquire your First Customers
  • - Convert Users to Pilots
4. Fundraising
  • - Discuss Fundraising Strategy
  • - How to Raise Capital
5. Venture Out
  • - Build your Team
  • - Acquire Customers
  • - Fundraise or Join the Venture Lab

Participants in the Moonlighter Lab are

  • Interested in exploring new opportunities or are building a startup
  • Seeking connection and support to reach the next stage
  • Validating an idea or considering raising capital
  • Seeking actionable insights and access to successful operators

Lean on a like-minded community to accomplish your goals

Validate your startup for less than $200 a week. Our facilitated weekly sessions create a tight-knit network to receive and offer the guidance that founders need to succeed.
Skin in the game aligns our interests
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8 week program
  • Application due April 19th
  • Lab starts May 4th

What does Moonlighting mean?

FANG, and the rest of Big Tech genuinely want their employees to have great workplace experiences. These companies are keen to recognize past and present employees for who they are - the builders of tomorrow.

Venture Out exclusively works with founders who have their own ideas and IP.

Have questions? Ask us. We can help guide you on your startup's journey.

Validate your startup idea in 8-weeks! Apply to the Moonlighter Lab today.