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Expand your network outside of Microsoft with other big-tech employees, startup founders, mentors, technologists, and investors in the Pacific Northwest seeking to change the world.
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Life After Redmond

If you’re ready to pursue your big idea but don’t want to lose the network of incredibly smart people, give us 10 weeks and we'll expand your Pacific Northwest network of other big tech employees, startup founders, mentors, technologists, and investors to help you pursue your startup and level up your professional network.

Cutting the cord of your day job to build a startup requires more than a leap of faith, it requires a vetted community to support you. Join us.

Claudius Mbemba
Co-Founder & CTO at Neu
Former: Microsoft
"Venture Out has quickly risen to become a staple startup community in the Seattle ecosystem. Through VO I'm able to connect with amazing founders who are facing or have faced similar challenges and we are all able to help each other solve our most pressing problems. The VO community is very giving and accessible. If you're a founder building a startup, you should check out Venture Out!"
Former: Microsoft
Yavor Georgiev
Co-Founder & Head of Product at Fusebit
Former: Microsoft
"The Venture Out community was key in building the team at Fusebit: it's where we met our CTO and later on found marketing help. Hiring today is incredibly hard, so having this network of highly-qualified professionals offering help or looking for their next opportunity was invaluable."
Former: Microsoft
Venture Out received investment from M12, Microsoft's Corporate VC fund. We have deep roots as partners. This community makes you feel like you never left the talent pool at Microsoft.

Join a Microsoft-Led Startup

Seeking your next opportunity but not ready to build a company of your own yet? Join the startup world as a key early hire and decide for yourself if the grass is really greener. Our community introduces members to interesting new work opportunities. See if one is right for you.

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Get Involved with Startups

Not ready to leave your vesting scheduling just yet? Spend the time now to expand your network and leverage your experience to support other founders. Utilize your subject matter expertise to build a better world and guide startups that wish to do the same.
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Felix Livni
Founder and CEO at Schedulista
Former: Microsoft & Google
"Venture Out attracts the most talented and driven entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest. But, beyond the intensity and high caliber of its members, is a warm and giving community — people as interested in helping each other as in finding help for themselves. This generosity of spirit is what makes this group stand out the most to me."
Former: Microsoft & Google

A Community of Softies Supporting Other Softies

Access valuable feedback and insight from vetted technologists from Microsoft and other big tech companies. Network with others in the Pacific Northwest ecosystem who you might work with in the future.

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