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Develop your 100-day plan to launch your idea, gain the frameworks for validating it, and meet potential co-founders and investors for scaling it.
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In 10 weeks, you’ll meet over 100 founders, mentors, and investors, participate in over 30 live speaker sessions with successful startup founders and VCs, access hours of curated content, and dive into the fundraising process.

Develop your 100-day plan to launch your idea, gain the frameworks for validating it, and meet potential co-founders for scaling it.

We won’t teach you to code – but here you can find the network for everything on your 0 to 1 journey.

Whether you’re from Big Tech, work on Deep Tech, or passionate about New Tech, this is the place to expand your network.

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Our Why

We landed in Seattle without an established startup network. We had a craving to be around smart, ambitious people who wanted to make a positive impact, but we didn’t have the network locally.

We were too busy in our tech day jobs to build our network but after many months of going to events and meeting people, we earned the trust and support of so many talented individuals and now we want to help expedite the next wave of talent in the ecosystem gain access to it.

So, whether you are crushing it at your day job or dreaming about building the next great startup, we’ve got your back and are ready to connect you with an amazing group of people to catapult your network and expedite your path forward. Join us.

What members are saying

Patrick Thompson
Co-Founder & CEO at Iteratively
Former: Atlassian

“Venture Out provided us a community to launch our startup here in Seattle before we even had an idea. We’ve been able to learn and grow from other like-minded founders and mentors. We’ve now raised $5.4mm in capital and built a global business. I highly recommend VO to folks who are looking to take the first step.”

Former: Atlassian
Elena Zhizhimontova
CEO & Co-Founder at Spiral
Former: Amazon

“As a first-time founder, Venture Out connected me with a group of other founders in my area. It’s awesome to meet and get advice from seasoned founders who’ve exited several times, as well as help others with problems I’ve experienced before.”

Former: Amazon
Claudius Mbemba
Co-Founder & CTO at Neu
Former: Microsoft

“Venture Out has quickly risen to become a staple startup community in the Seattle ecosystem. Through VO I’m able to connect with amazing founders who are facing or have faced similar challenges and we are all able to help each other solve our most pressing problems. The VO community is very giving and accessible. If you’re a founder building a startup, you should check out Venture Out!”

Former: Microsoft
Janice Wilson
Founder & CEO at Diversity Decoded
Former: Amazon

Venture Out is an active community of determined, wildly capable entrepreneurs. Emphasis on the active. Within moments of posting in our community forum, I’ve received everything from considered feedback to substantive intros. VO folks are genuinely supportive and most everyone seeks to give as good as they get.

Former: Amazon
Emma Rovit
Co-Founder & CEO at PetBiotix
Former: Boeing

“Being a founder can be lonely, especially during COVID. Venture Out has been an awesome organization through the ups and downs of the rollercoaster that is starting a company. It’s valuable not only for tactical advice and helpful connections, but also emotional support and motivation.”

Former: Boeing
Yavor Georgiev
Co-Founder & Head of Product at Fusebit
Former: Microsoft

“The Venture Out community was key in building the team at Fusebit: it’s where we met our CTO and later on found marketing help. Hiring today is incredibly hard, so having this network of highly-qualified professionals offering help or looking for their next opportunity was invaluable.”

Former: Microsoft
Brennan Keough
Co-Founder at Mystery
Former: Boeing

“Venture Out is a truly unique community with founders at various levels and stages. It’s been an incredible place to meet other entrepreneurs, riff on ideas, and get feedback on challenges I’m facing. VO has already proved to be a major asset in my founder journey and I’m excited for others to get more involved!”

Former: Boeing
Felix Livni
Founder and CEO at Schedulista
Former: Microsoft & Google

“Venture Out attracts the most talented and driven entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest. But, beyond the intensity and high caliber of its members, is a warm and giving community — people as interested in helping each other as in finding help for themselves. This generosity of spirit is what makes this group stand out the most to me.”

Former: Microsoft & Google

Meet the Network

Selfless, supportive, and striving for more.
Javier Soto
Angel Investor
Sarah Boden
Chief Growth Officer
Beeline Mobility
Yoko Okano
Co-Founding General Partner
First Row Ventures
Jean Paoli
Founder & CEO
Kirby Winfield
Founding General Partner
Ascend VC
David Adams
Founder & CEO
Susan Preston
Managing Partner
SeaChange Fund
Arean van Veelen
Co-founder and Strategic Advisor

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