Introducing the Big to Small Lab

August 9, 2021

There is no better time to be a startup founder than now. There is more capital available, there are more VCs to give you their money, access to software is cheaper, and there are more accelerators, and incubators to support you than ever before. If that is not enough, startup valuations are at all-time highs and employees from big tech are leaving their day jobs to pursue startups at a faster rate than ever before.  

So, if you are an employee holding a tech day job the question becomes, are you better off to VIP (Vest in Peace) while earning your RSUs or build the next company as a startup Founder?  

While there is no better time to be a startup founder and there are more resources available than ever before, most employees at big tech companies do not know where to turn to for funding or know-how to validate their startup idea, let alone know where to find a vetted network of mentors to support them.  

It’s understandable.  Like many of us, we landed in Seattle without an established startup network. We had a craving to be around smart, ambitious people who wanted to make a positive impact, but we didn’t have the startup network locally.  We were too busy in our tech day jobs to build our network but after months and months, we earned the trust and support of so many amazingly talented individuals.  Now we are here to support you, the next wave of talent entering the startup ecosystem.  So, whether you are crushing it at your day job or dreaming about building the next great startup, we’ve got your back and are ready to connect you with an amazing group of people to catapult your startup network and expedite your path forward so when you do cut the cord, you can hit the ground running.

We took our experiences, tested it on tons of participants, iterated on it, and then got buy-in from some of the best VCs in the Seattle area to invest in it.  Now we offer you the ‘Go Big to Small’ Lab.  It’s 10 weeks long (part-time while you keep your day job).  You’ll gain the frameworks to launch a startup, build a 100-day plan to execute your startup’s vision, and meet over 100 startup founders, mentors, technologists, venture capitalists, and more stemming from the Pacific Northwest to deliver you a top-tier startup network.  This lab is dedicated to those seeking to engage with other smart, ambitious technologists seeking to launch a startup or work for one in the next six months. We can’t wait to meet you.

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