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For startups ready to raise capital

We help founders with their fundraising strategy

  • Better understand the fundamentals of fundraising
  • Access our network to meet aligned, industry investors
  • Prepare to fundraise from angels and venture capital firms
  • Prepare for the negotiation process with investors
With help from our mentor network, we’ve created a 12-week intensive program for early-stage founders ready to invest in themselves.

Venture Lab Alumni

Isaac Roybal
Co-Founder & CEO
"The VO community has been invaluable. Sean and Ken have been a true inspiration with their drive and focus on helping founders fight the gravity that every startup faces in the Launch Lab. Couple the Venture Lab with the fantastic roster of VO mentors, it's undoubtedly the most impactful group of people to help me fight my startup's gravity."
Seattle, WA, USA
Derrick Daigre Jr.
Co-Founder & CEO
"Nothing gets done without a good team in place and if you're a founder looking for a program with great resources who are genuinely interested in helping your company succeed, the launch lab is right for you, don't wait."
Seattle, WA, USA
Jacob Lee
Co-Founder & CEO
"The Venture Out Launch Lab helped us go from initial customer interest of Letters of Intent, to fully seed funded with $1.7M in funding from some of Seattle and Silicon Valley's best early stage investors."
Seattle, WA, USA

The Venture Lab Roadmap

Credible, tested curriculum for those ready to fundraise
1. Customer Discovery
  • - Elevator Pitch
  • - Customer Personas
  • - Pain Points
  • - Pattern Identification
2. Market Sizing
  • - Competitor Analysis
  • - Market Share Assesment
  • - Top-Down Analysis
  • - Bottom-Up Analysis
3. Go To Market
  • - First 100 Customers
  • - Converting Users
  • - Customer Acquisition Costs
4. Financial Modeling
  • - Pricing Strategy
  • - Revenue Forecasting
  • - Key Metrics
  • - Pro Forma
  • - Payroll Expenses
5. The Pitch
  • - Talk Track
  • - Pitch Deck Structure
  • - Story Arc
  • - Investor Feedback
6. Fundraising Fundamentals
  • - Fundraising Process
  • - Peak Cash Need
  • - Investor Types
  • - Negotiation

It's not easy to build a startup.
Learn from the founders who have been there.

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Venture Out’s curriculum was shaped by successful founders who were once in your shoes

Our weekly Managing Director One-on-One’s and Cohort Meetings accelerate founders toward pre-seed and seed rounds.

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We arm founders with a vetted network, expert guidance, and the investment-ready pitch-prep they need to begin the fundraising process themselves.
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12 week program
  • Application Deadline: December 13th
  • Next Program Begins: January, 2022
Who Should Apply?

Early-Stage Founders with a Product in Market

To be considered for an incoming cohort, you need more than an idea. Our program was created for product-centered founders to measure the viability of their startup.

The Venture Lab was designed for founders with a product in market or a functional MVP. Our pillars help these startups develop their work into something scalable. Fundraising can be an intimidating subject for newcomers. Thankfully most pre-seed and seed investors are former tech founders who were successful with their own startups. They’ve been in your shoes - common ground is a terrific ice-breaker.

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