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Our community empowers past and present Amazonians‑turned‑founders to think big and build a better world.
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Life after PR-FAQs and OP1s

Long gone are the days where we can afford to hire a two-pizza team just by writing a PR-FAQ. That’s okay.

Cutting the cord of your day job to pursue a startup requires more than a leap of faith, it requires a vetted community to support your venture. We know because we’ve been there.

From past engineers to present PMs, VO’s community of Amazonians support those bold and peculiar enough to change the world.

Elena Zhizhimontova
Co-Founder & CEO at Spiral
Former Amazonian
“As a first-time founder, Venture Out connected me with a group of other founders in my area. It’s awesome to meet and get advice from seasoned founders who’ve exited several times, as well as help others with problems I’ve experienced before.”
Former Amazonian
Amazon Alumni are an exclusive group of talent that continues to raise the bar.
Venture Out is the founder network within that ecosystem.

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Seeking your next opportunity but not ready to build a company of your own yet? Join the startup world as a key early hire and decide for yourself if the grass is really greener. Our Founder Network frequently introduces members to interesting new work opportunities.

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Not ready to leave your vesting scheduling? Become a mentor. Leverage your experience to help other founders. Utilize your subject matter expertise to build a better world and guide startups that wish to do the same.
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Kevin Lin
Co-Founder and CEO of Dendron
Former Amazonian
"Get them on your cap table—that’s the only advice I can give you."
Former Amazonian

A Community of Amazonians
Supporting Other Amazonians

Access valuable feedback and insight from vetted mentors. You might find a former co-worker, boss or even your skip-level here, too.

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